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Key stat Strasbourg have picked up 21 of their 30 points at home Recommendation Strasbourg 1pt 19-10 Betfair
The Singing of the Strasbourg Protestants, 1523-1541 is one of the few musical volumes of Ashgate's St.
The Strasbourg area is registering daily peaks of particulate (PM10) pollution.
ceremony was attended by Strasbourg Mayor Ronald Ries, Ex-Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, Andorra's Foreign Minister
Hundreds of EU parliamentarians and their staff were completing their monthly 435-kilometer (270-mile) legislative migration, one that takes them from their own parliament in Brussels to, well, their own parliament in Strasbourg -- for just four days.
ANKARA, Jan 23, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's President Abdullah Gul will pay a working trip to Strasbourg on January 24-26, his office said on Saturday.
Air France and its subsidiaries CityJet and VLM Airlines is revising its services between London City Airport and Strasbourg.
THE clamour for an end to the European Parliament's travelling circus increased last night after potentially lethal asbestos was found in Euro-MPs' Strasbourg building.
THE clamour for an end to the European Parliament's travelling circus increased last night after potentially-lethal asbestos was found in MEPs' Strasbourg building.
TORY MEPs are reviving a campaign to save taxpayers' money by stopping the European Parliament moving from Brussels to Strasbourg four days a month.
WELSH Secretary Peter Hain has branded the European Parliament's monthly meetings in Strasbourg ``a total scandal''.
BRAZILIAN striker Jesus Pena has joined Racing Strasbourg on a one-year loan from Portuguese side Porto.
A 37-year-old, immunocompetent man was admitted to a hospital in Strasbourg, Alsace, on August 18, 1997, with prolonged fever, fatigue, myalgias, and headache of unknown etiology.
In general, a distinction is made between good and bad magic -- in 1516 the Strasbourg lawyer Sebastian Brant was "still arguing that white or harmless sorcery should not be punished" [32] -- and the majority continue to hold with the Canon episcopi, the tenth-century text that said no credence should be given to the dreams of woman "seduced by diabolical fantasies and deceits" (daemonum illusionibus et phantasmatibus seductae).