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Synonyms for hardening

abnormal hardening or thickening of tissue

the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

the act of making something harder (firmer or tighter or more compact)

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Accordingly, the three items in the expression from the left to right represents the strain hardening effect, strain rate strengthening effect, and temperature effect, with the total effect obtained by multiplying the aforementioned terms.
SER -measurements of polymer samples show that unmodified samples PP1 and PP1PE1 show no strain hardening (Fig.
Effect of strain path changes on strain hardening of 6082 aluminium alloy.
There is a competition between strain hardening and necking, The unirradiated sample of nickel did not fracture even with 56 per cent elongation.
The strain hardening test method, which SABIC says reduces the time and cost associated with getting material for plastic pressure pipes to market, was first launched in 2010.
It is to be noted here that D and p values for perfectly plastic and strain hardening materials used in the analytical predictions are in pairs [40s.
Negative values of [psi] are expected for strain hardening materials, and positive values are for strain softening.
Whereas PLA is known to have low melt strength and does not show strain hardening, co-agent modification of PLA led to substantial strain hardening, suggesting improved melt strength.
2006) indicated that critical stated model was capable of simulating strain hardening, softening, normal dilatancy and stress-path dependency of interface between sandy soil and structures during shearing.
During bending deformation hardening occurs only in small part of bend (in local deformation) of stamped part, in non-deformed parts (in straight parts of stamped part) deformation strain hardening doesn't occur.
Morrow (7) also shows that fatigue strength and ductility exponents (b and c) can be estimated from cyclic strain hardening exponent (n'), according to:
They describe ethylene methyl acrylate copolymer toughened polymethyl methacrylate blends and synthesis and characterization for thermal, mechanical, optical, and morphological properties; molecular dynamics simulation studies for binary blend miscibility; conformation and topology of cyclic linear polymer blends; strain hardening in blends with fibril morphology; modification using irradiation techniques; and directed assembly using nanopatterned chemical surfaces.
Sabic is convinced that the widespread acceptance of its Strain Hardening Test Method will accelerate adoption of its latest Sabic Vestolen A Rely grades of bimodal HDPE for high pressure pipe.
This does not take into account the effect of strain hardening.
of Michigan) presents chapters on stress and strain, elasticity, mechanical testing, strain hardening of metals, plasticity theory, strain rate and temperature dependence of flow stress, slip and crystallographic textures, dislocation geometry and energy, dislocation mechanics, mechanical twining and martenitic shear, hardening mechanisms in metals, discontinuous and inhomogeneous deformation, ductility and fracture, fracture mechanics, viscoelasticity, creep and stress rupture, fatigue, residual stresses, ceramics and glasses, polymers, composites, and mechanical working.