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Synonyms for straightaway

Synonyms for straightaway

a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse


performed with little or no delay

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I make slow turns and speed up in the straightaways.
The straightaway sections of Underpass ran parallel to the awkward trajectory of foot traffic beneath it and hung in a slope mimicking that of the Park Avenue overpass.
It lends more excitement to the race," Mills said, "Boats are jockeying for position on the turns, sometimes even trading paint, and pushing hard to pass on the straightaways.
What he got was a car that was fast in the corners, but lagged a little on the straightaways.
From October 18-20, 2002--85 years later--the average speeds in the American Power Boat Association's Pro Series Championships, to be held off Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, will be in the 100 mph range, and the boats will push 140 mph on the straightaways.
Through soaring temperatures, imposing mountains, never-ending straightaways, through pile-ups and injuries, a consistent rain, all against the best cyclists in the world.
Super Cat Cat class boats, the fastest of the offshore entries, easily turn 150 mph on straightaways.
I had so much horsepower that I was pulling everybody on the straightaways.
SAUGUS - Hidden off San Fernando Road is a dusty track where power- packed remote control cars whiz down straightaways and over jumps, but Saturday's race brought about 150 entrants to celebrate the 60th birthday of a man who is known as the godfather of the industry.