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British dramatist (born in Czechoslovakia in 1937)

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To understand Stoppard you need at least a couple of A-stars in English and a copy of The Oxford Book of Literary Quotations near your elbow, otherwise you may well find yourself wondering what the hell is going on.
In The Hard Problem Stoppard grapples with fundamental human and scientific questions.
As the author of a lengthy 2002 Methuen biography of Stoppard, Nadel has longstanding, deep knowledge of the playwright that makes his remarks about Stoppard and Chekhov particularly illuminating.
What Stoppard suggests," Demastes writes, "is that our general bewilderment is not the result of a meaningless universe but the result of our current perceptual and intellectual shortcomings as human beings.
Stoppard is to accept the PEN/Allen Foundation Literary Service Award, the highest honor bestowed by the American chapter of the global human-rights organization of writers and editors.
Upon a remark of a friend that Dadaist Tzara, Lenin, and perhaps Freud were living in Zurich in 1916, Stoppard decides to write a play "a two act-thing, with one act a Dadaist play on Communist ideology and the other an ideological functional drama about Dadaists" (Gussow 8).
Ed, son of playwright Tom Stoppard and author and agony aunt Dr Miriam Stoppard, has been cast as the Merseybeat mentor for the series, which charts the singer's career rise over a decade.
While its title and content are suggestive of metanarrative treatment, in its spare realism the work is more suggestive of a short story by James Joyce (whom Stoppard deeply admires) than it is of the later Stoppard.
Stoppard 4Filming also took place in the real Parliamentary offices - for Aiden's office and Bruce's flat.
SHE left the school almost 60 years ago, but TV personality and respected author Dr Miriam Stoppard still has fond memories of her Nortssh East School.
AUTHOR and TV personality Dr Miriam Stoppard has lent her support to the controversial merger of the girls' school she credits with teaching her valuable life lessons.
He focuses on the major stage-plays and considers Stoppard as moving away from postmodern conventions to modernist and realist ones.
I'll put it bluntly: Never miss the chance to see a Tom Stoppard play.
THERE are some people in this world who look like they've stepped off the pages of a history book and Ed Stoppard is one of them.
Voyage, Shipwreck, and Salvage had been running in repertory throughout the season, but for Stoppard fanatics, the marathon day offered the opportunity to see all three in one sitting, roughly nine hours of theatre spread out over twelve, with one intermission in each play and two extended meal breaks in between.