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an order to a broker to sell (buy) when the price of a security falls (rises) to a designated level

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A Guaranteed Stop order is one of the main trading orders that investors use when they are spread trading, trading CFDs or forex trading.
An obvious flaw in 10% stop orders is that a 10% buffer for a lottery-ticket biotech stock is much different from one for a mega-cap soda company.
As to its outlook in June, SZC stressed that sales for the month is predicted to rise or drop moderately compared to May, primarily due to customer's periodic inventory checks around the end of June that will temporarily stop orders.
Our team of researchers was interested in what studies had been done around interventions such as reminders and stop orders in this area.
It also gives the holder access to Internet banking, Cellphone Banking as well as debit- and stop orders.
1 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Nader Dhabi on Sunday ordered ministries and other public institutions to stop orders of cars and furniture in a move to cut spending and ease financial burdens on the state budget.
They plan to stop orders from China as China uses much lead (Pb) and other toxic materials which have damaged the reputation of heir brands in international market.
The watchdog is also looking into complaints that the supermarket giant refused to stop orders under the legal 10-day cooling-off period.
The Rule is clear that the issuer or affiliates must not be under any stop orders or similar restrictions by the SEC or state regulatory agencies in order to avail themselves of the Regulation D exemption.
Define profit and loss targets and set stop orders or bracket orders when you place your trade.
City Hall has begun issuing stop orders against several upcoming buildings within Gigiri area, saying they have flouted approval laws.
The state planning agency National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) is seeking to protect projects of 'national significance' from stop orders issued by local courts, the country's chief economist said.
It describes the three main categories of order types: market orders, limit orders and stop orders, and the different forms these orders can take when enhanced with time restrictions and other conditions.