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a craftsman who works with stone or brick

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Scott Richardson, belfry foreman, said: "There are seven stonemasons working on the project and each stone has to be either repaired or replaced.
The spire project, led by the architects and stonemasons Mather and Ellis, saw scaffolding erected to its full 172 feet height before each stone was removed, marked and examined.
Given the buildings' listed status, the Trust employed expert stonemasons Treasures & Sons based in Ludlow, to carry out the repair and rebuilding work using traditional techniques.
About stonemasons and their 5,000 years of stonecraft, "Terkel said, 'strong back, weak mind,' " Ash quipped.
The specialist stonemasons have done a fantastic job so far and it's great to see memorials across the borough restored to a respectful standard.
The two stonemasons are part of a team of 12 workmen overseeing the project, which will include a brand new entrance in Silver Street, designed to look like an old shop front.
To all who contributed to the success of The Loftus Stonemason project we offer our sincere gratitude.
By installing the scaffold, people can travel up to the same height that the stonemasons are working at.
The council will also attach notices to the stones telling families to contact stonemasons if they want to fix the gravestones.
STONEMASONS cut and prepare stone for buildings and monuments.
Workers--including stonemasons, blacksmiths, basket weavers and rope makers--clad in authentic garb and using materials and techniques of the 13th century are building the castle in the Ozark Mountains.
The Stonemasons of Creuse in Nineteenth-Century Paris.
STONEMASONS have begun work to move a decade-old monument from outside Cardiff Central train station.
SIR - Not being a highly educated archaeologist, but merely a simple chartered engineer whose family were Pembrokeshire stonemasons on the southern edge of the Preseli mountains, I have another explanation for the chips around the bluestones at Stonehenge.
For as long as anyone could remember, stonemasons from the Departement of Creuse, in central France, went to Paris to work, where the police treated them as dangerous foreigners.