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a member of the ancient Greek school of philosophy founded by Zeno

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someone who is seemingly indifferent to emotions

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seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain


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Besides, there was an ambiguity among the ancients about this topic, as evidenced in quotes from Marcus Aurelius in which the Roman emperor argues the irrelevance of theology to basic Stoic ideas.
Back to me Geordie guru grandad: "If it isn't working, it's ney good, so divvn't diy it" is a basic Stoic approach to philosophy - it's gotta work in everyday life.
To frame a useful comparison with the Stoic account, I will focus on each account's answer to two questions.
You travel through vast landscapes and fight epic tactical battles," Stoic co-founder Arnie Jorgensen said of the game in the (https://www.
Zeno of Citium, a Greek, founded the Stoic school of philosophy in Athens around 300 BCE.
To understand what natural inclinations are, it is necessary to consider certain aspects of the Stoic theory of psychology.
Anything else is considered superfluous; although Stoic and Cynic shared a belief that much in society is superfluous (such as honor and riches), unlike Cynics, Stoic did not carry the rejection of society's traditions to an extreme (they were not "Socratics gone mad" and they did not live like dogs).
The third chapter explores the ethics of stoic pragmatism.
One should also take into account that the paradigmatic stoic death, that of Cato of Utica, was present in everybody's minds, and worked as the implicit standard for the "spectacle" of the political deaths in that era of widespread suspicion and violent repression.
2) Instead, I aim to offer an interpretation of the speech of the Stoic character Balbus in Cicero's DND.
The four other essays in this collection treat Gnostic or Gnosticizing works written in Coptic, whose borrowings derived mainly from Stoic physics.
During this period, serving routinely alongside soldier-scholars, she developed an interest in the relationship between the ancient Stoic philosophies and contemporary warriors.
Pivoting on the theme of natural guilt, he discusses from self-esteem to the modern causa sui project, logos as the ambiguity of merger and division, the cosmological ground of logos, ritual elements of face-to-face encounters, bartering as ritual of transcendence, stoic virtues as heroic ritual practices, and comic correctives.
With Frankie Dettori up, there is every reason to expect a good run despite stall 20, but I think there might be better value to be had in the shape of topweight Stoic for Jeremy Noseda.
A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy.