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Mr Lowe said it was imperative that farmers and stockmen take extra care.
As this study will demonstrate, the positions of authority occupied by certain Kanak stockmen had two demonstrable foundations which have seldom been fully recognised.
The early pattern of development and exploitation involved the deliberate overstocking of unfenced concessions (1) resulting in the gradual degradation of pasture and the herd (Pillon 1989: 513; Saussol 1985: 6-7) and conflict with both European smallholders and Kanak, as well as dictating the need for mustering and stockmen.
Their principal employment was to help muster the semi-wild cattle; while 'the stockmen posted themselves on the mountains and ridgelines',
During the 1890s, western stockmen were up in arms over the federal government's decision (later reversed) to close forest reserves to grazing.
Public-land ranchers can't be entrepreneurs; they must be stockmen.
Pampered cows on the public range come about because of other, more real and harmful subsidies--federal programs that protect stockmen from both nature and themselves.
Frank Walden, a 16-year director at Citizens Bank of Jonesboro until his resignation July 11, 1989, intends to become chairman of the board at Planters and Stockmen Bank.
Planters and Stockmen Bank, with total assets of $25.
MARKING THE END OF PIG STOCKMEN COURSE Bpex knowledge transfer manager Lis Ravn with trainee of the year Jarrod Benson
The young European-Australian stockmen who muster cattle on the properties in Far North Queensland are a conservative lot: they work hard, ride hard and, as the above quotes illustrate, when they can be persuaded to say anything at all, they talk hard too.
As the people who actually carry out the economic activities which are the raison d'etre of the cattle stations, stockmen play a vital role in maintaining European colonisation of the land.
In considering stockworkers and constructions of masculinity, a particularly relevant example is offered by Sansom's article (1995) on the aesthetics of material culture among Aboriginal stockmen, Bennett's (1969:91) discussion of American cowboy's focus on a stance of 'mastery and ascendance', and Lawrence's detailed research on American rodeo (1982) which includes an analysis of its attendant clothing and artefacts.
Transient sheepmen roamed the country robbing the resident stockmen of forage that was justly theirs .
Those dollars have kept the worst stockmen in business.