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the capital and largest city of Sweden

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Delays and congestion in rail traffic are a result of the fact that there are not enough rail tracks in Stockholm.
The landmarks of Modernism in Stockholm are the work of exceptional individuals: Gunnar Asplund's central library, with its skylit rotunda rising from a stucco cube atop a podium of shops: Sigurd Lewerentz's church of St Mark, and the Woodland cemetery, to which they both contributed.
In the Stockholm suburb of Kista, the main Swedish resource centre of information technology, KTH co-operates, with Stockholm University, other research centers.
I had been invited to Stockholm for an information exchange on urban ecosystems while speaking at a greenways conference in St.
A coping mechanism also known as the Survival Identification Syndrome, the Common Sense Syndrome, or, simply, transference, the Stockholm Syndrome usually consists of three components that may occur separately or in combination with one another: negative feelings on the part of the hostage toward authorities, positive feelings on the part of the hostage toward the hostage taker, and positive feelings reciprocated by the hostage taker toward the hostage.
Large pike and salmon have been caught in the Stockholm archipelago.
In addition, journalists are offered the possibility of tailor-made press programmes in Stockholm, one of the world's leading cleantech clusters, including sites, decision-makers, innovators and politicians.
By the '90s, Finland's diplomatic profile in Stockholm was plainly absurd, particularly as spectacular investment in infrastructure, education and technology had enabled the former colony to match the prosperity of Sweden (which was neutral in the Second World War when Finland was ravaged by both Germans and Russians).
The film industry is a significant part of the creative industries that are so important to the competitiveness of the Stockholm region.
The Stockholm exhibition of 1930 represented the culmination of two artistic tendencies.
STOCKHOLM -- A new contract period for the Stockholm Business Alliance begins at the turn of the year.
Sigfried Giedion, Secretary and grand spokesman for the International Congress of Modern Architects, is quoted here as having said of the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition: 'There's been no exhibition to rival this one for overall effect' and this book is a most welcome reminder of why he said it.
STOCKHOLM -- Stockholm Business Region contributed to 71 foreign direct investments during 2009, according to the year-end result.
Anchored to the living rock of the island, Moderna is a response to the fragmented geography of Stockholm, rich in accident and surprise.
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