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the right to buy or sell a stock at a specified price within a stated period

a benefit given by a company to an employee in the form of an option to buy stock in the company at a discount or at a fixed price

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The recent headlines of backdating and manipulating stock option grants have incited increased attention from auditors and regulators," said Patrick Taylor, CEO of Atlanta-based Oversight Systems, in an announcement.
The fair value method requires an issuer to recognize compensation for employee stock options as employees perform services to earn those options.
2002-22 previously concluded that a taxpayer who transfers interests in nonstatutory stock options and nonqualified deferred compensation to his or her former spouse incident to divorce need not include any gross income on the transfer.
Note: The IRS issued a Field Directive on March 14, 2003, which states that LMSB Employment Tax Specialists should not challenge the timeliness of employment and withholding tax deposits on the exercise of stock options if the deposits are made the next day after settlement date, as long as that date is within three days of the trade date.
Metso's Board of Directors specified the conditions and terms of the stock options to entitle the Board to distribute at the maximum 5.
The IRS could audit your gift tax return at time of transfer, and valuation of compensatory stock options has no real precedent in the tax law.
Two executives from Brocade Communications have been indicted on criminal charges for securities fraud for possible manipulation of stock options, and the SEC has filed a civil complaint against the company.
Are you rethinking the whole idea of offering stock options as an employee benefit?
ISOs and NQSOs are two types of commonly recognized stock options.
2002-22 and Notice 2002-3 1 apply to some deferred compensation arrangements as well, this discussion will be limited to their application to stock options.
In addition, while appreciating the extension of the period for optional reporting of compensation arising from the exercise of employer-provided nonqualified stock options, we believe that Announcements are an improper means through which to impose a mandatory wage-information reporting requirement.
Concerned about adequate compensation disclosure and the overall level of CEO pay, the SEC and other watchdogs are tightening guidelines on stock options.
The board of directors has further, in accordance with an authorization from the above mentioned shareholders meeting, resolved to allot 597,500 employee stock options under the option program, of which members of the group management receive a maximum of 30,000 stock options each, members of the senior management receive a maximum of 10,000 stock options each, members of junior management and other key employees receive a maximum of 5,000 stock options each and other employees receive a maximum of 3,000 stock options each.
The new conventional wisdom is that stock options are on the way out, with restricted stock and other forms of long-term incentives replacing options as the predominant form of executive compensation.