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While we view this as a positive long-term development, the mixed signals from the elections were enough for stock market participants to pause and reflect.
Currently, high oil prices and losses in the stock market appear to have had little effect on corporate and leisure travel, according to Ernst & Young Hospitality Services Group research, despite revisions to earnings expectations by several lodging companies.
Interest rates were cited by 44 percent as the most important factor, followed by the job market at 35 percent and the stock market at 13 percent.
A few weeks ago - the same week, as it happens, that the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped the 6,500 mark, after the biggest one-month climb in stock market history - The New York Times Sunday magazine put a picture of a mutual fund manager on its cover.
After having rallied briskly along with other major stock markets in the wake of the allied victory in the Persian Gulf war, the Japanese market seesawed through most of 1991.
In the past year the Chinese domestic stock markets have attracted worldwide attention but many are puzzled as to how the stock market fails to match the blistering performance of the Chinese economy.
Waves of selling by investors large and small engulfed the stock market Monday.
One survey suggests that black investment in the stock market is lagging.
The most comprehensive guide to China's stock markets (Shanghai and Shenzen) with information on every company listed on the mainland exchanges (2005 results).
Heightened fears about weaker corporate profits have slowly eroded investor confidence all week long, and with Asian stock markets and currencies in a free fall in recent days, there are mounting concerns that Wall Street will feel the pinch in a global economic slowdown.
The Saudi Stock Market Tadawul operates one of the largest stock markets in the world and is the single largest stock market in the Middle East region.
So I think that stock markets are good for America.
Factors that have been driving the stock markets and why