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In late 1996 and early 1997, when Hartcher suggests Greenspan should have moved to tame the stock market, the market's levels were modest compared to what they were two or three years later.
The economy was booming, and millions of Americans dreamed of getting rich in the stock market.
There's also new life at the country's long-stagnant stock market, as a raft of privately-held companies begin to consider going public.
Many decided that the stock market was a risky gambling den to be avoided, and stayed out of the market for years, if they returned at all.
Politicians are notorious for using the funds to issue more government bonds to fund fiscal stimulus packages, or for pressuring the nation's public pension funds to buy stocks when the stock market looked to be dropping through psychological resistance zones.
In the past two years I've held my own, even though the stock market has dropped.
I have long been skeptical of simple analysis of the so-called "wealth effect" of the stock market on both consumer spending patterns and job creation.
The plain truth is that a portfolio consisting exclusively of "long" positions in stocks (no borrowed or "short" holdings) is wholly at the mercy of the stock market.
And let's not forget that while the stock market is down, it did go up 10-fold from 1982 until the end of the '90s.
A slowing economy can also put a damper on the residential market, with people less likely to buy when the stock market is down, added Neil Binder, principal of Bellmarc Realty.
Ultras say for every dollar the stock market goes down, you make $2,'' he said.
The Super Bowl theory links stock market performance to the results of the championship football game, held each January since 1967.
Why was there no one on hand to tell the "creatives" that if you're looking for laughs, the stock market is the last place you're going to find them?
If Clinton's welfare reform bill undermined the foundation of New Deal liberalism, his bid to "save" Social Security from insolvency and begin investing part of the program's funds in the stock market may finish the job.