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a car kept in dealers' stock for regular sales

a racing car with the basic chassis of a commercially available car

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3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The checkered flag is out on the 2014 PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge.
Steadily rising up the World Championship rankings - and currently placed 127th - Russell only began taking part in BriSCA F2 stock car racing this season but has been racing, building and maintaining stock cars for most of his adult life.
Cowley, who has been racing stock cars for 30 years, decided to restrict his racing to tarmac ovals this season and it paid off his first championship win at Skegness Stadium.
Patrick will drive for the first time on NASCAR s second-tier circuit, the Nationwide Series, after finishing a confidence-boosting sixth in Saturday s ARCA race that was her stock car debut.
A woman who was injured when a lorry wheel hit her as she watched a stock car race has been awarded compensation.
More than 7,500 drivers take part in racing BriSCA F2 class cars and saloon stock cars during 600 meetings at 25 circuits across the UK each season.
During a teleconference at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Montoya talked about making the transition from Formula One to NASCAR, seeing more drivers make the switch from open-wheel to stock car racing, what made him interested in NASCAR and which race would be harder to win, the Daytona 500 or the Indianapolis 500.
Race fans can also experience the thrills of stock car racing with the V8-powered "Live the Dream" two-seater F1 stock cars.
Compare the shape of NASCAR's stock cars to the car models used in the Indy Racing League and Formula One.
Ballymena secretary Don Stirling said: "There are a few marks on the pitch because of the stock car racing earlier in the week.
THREE people were injured yesterday after a stock car driver lost control and skidded off a racetrack into a group of spectators.
From the deceptively hard-hitting 1300cc Saloon Stock Cars to the magnificence of the brutal V8 powered Formula 1 Stock Cars.
Integrated 1/3- and 1/2-mile, banked paved oval tracks for stock cars and sprint cars
The Vintage Stock Car group is a diverse collection of race cars encompassing cars from the 50's through the mid 2000's with everything from short track stock cars to some retired NASCAR Cup cars.