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being or having a random variable

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Main research topics include investment portfolio management, sustainability, integrated business value and risk management, optimal resource allocation and stochastical optimization.
The mathematics of risk analysis, critical assumptions in the models used or modeling of financial stock pricing are not noted; and neither is stochastical nature of price changes over time.
As a feedback, could be added that the researched area of knowledge could have been enriched, or could in fact, be improved if the authors, or future authors include among the evaluated factors, bottleneck variation according to real variation due to processing time standard deviations instead of theoretically bottleneck relocation; consideration of variable's randomness viewed from a stochastical point of view; or even consider flow lines consistent of few parallel production lines and some incoming branches from previous subassemblies, since the authors didn't focus much on subassemblies' work in process, which could end up affecting the entire production line.
Given that our model is a stochastical homogeneus differential equation in time and of Markovian type, also this premise is condition enough to ensure a non explosive solution.
3192, implying stochastical independence between R and [DELTA]p.