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United States general who commanded the Allied forces in China and Burma and India during World War II (1883-1946)

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Stilwell had endured the humiliating retreat of the British, American, and Chinese forces through Burma into India in 1942.
The Stilwell Group and each member of the Group will be permitted to increase their combined ownership of the outstanding company common stock to up to 120,000 shares.
Maidstone crown court heard that while former judo champion Stilwell and Stribling, 35, both wore lifejackets, none of their passengers did.
Stilwell, who won Commonwealth gold in judo in 2000, and his school friend Stribling were to be paid PS2,000 each to make the journey to the south of Calais and transport the migrants - who had paid 6,000 euro (PS5,061) each for the crossing, Maidstone Crown Court heard.
The Stilwell Partnership, which was established in 1992, has a 14-strong team and specialises in traffic and transportation modelling, highways and infrastructure design and road safety engineering.
Karen, 26, has been hand-picked by TV dog trainer Stilwell, who hosts It's Me or the Dog, to spread the word about her force-free dog training.
are proud to sponsor The Power of Positive Training presented by Victoria Stilwell, world renowned dog trainer and star of Animal Planet's hit TV show “It's Me or the Dog.
Ultimately Chiang was able to force Stilwell out; Davies, however, continued his involvement in China policy, and thus became a major focus of the postwar China Lobby/McCarthyite attacks on the supposedly pro-CCP elements in the State Department who caused us to "lose" China.
Guwahati, Dec 7(ANI): Stilwell Road which connects Tinsukia in Assam and places of Arunachal Pradesh to Kumming in Myanmar and Yunum in China is being given a makeover as it is and considered vital for the economic development of the region.
Richard "Rik" Stilwell, 24, a former city bus driver, has lived in the country for two years with partner Ida, who has three children.
Lawrence management is Denise Salizzoni, who will serve as rental director, and Tiffany Stilwell, who will be the new listings manager.
GIVEN THE delicate nature of Sino- India relations and instability in the insurgency- prone swampy jungles of Myanmar that lies between the two, the fortunes of Stilwell Road connecting the three nations seem to be as good as that of a politician's poll promise.
The two have garnered honors from Corcoran jointly and individually in the past -- in 2006, Stilwell was named top Bridgehampton sales person of the year, while the duo were named the second-place team on the East End in 2008.
In the course of each episode, Stilwell visits the home of some dog owner (or owners) who have a problem dog (or dogs).
General Joseph Stilwell was a soldier, not a diplomat.