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Synonyms for compote

dessert of stewed or baked fruit

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Fruit confirmed to show the same character as the nose (brandied morello cherry/grillottes, roasted mission fig, cooked black plum, stewed prunes, blueberry compote) with sweet extract.
One of last year's students was Clare Dery, pictured, from Cwrtnewydd, near Lampeter, who was introduced to cross-country running and an outdoor swimming pool - as well as 1950s-style food like spam fritters and stewed prunes.
PUPILS can expect to eat spam fritters, suet pudding and stewed prunes.
Life with your fiancee sounds as though it will be about as exciting as a constant diet of stewed prunes.
The steamy air is heavy with the smell of fat-laden chicken broth, garlic, onions, freshly starched clothing, eau de cologne, horseradish, sweet stewed prunes.
Eat more prunes: Stewed prunes were a staple part of the traditional diet, often eaten at breakfast or for pudding.
Though we weren't in the mood for stewed prunes, which was the only vegan dessert available, we enjoyed lingering over tea at this busy and casual establishment.
And early on there's a disgusting episode in which the real Mitchell deals with the aftermath of stewed prunes.
Alice stewed prunes in cinnamon and Rhone wine, embroidered lingerie; her lover wrote: You are my honey honey suckle.
Stewed prunes bring their own high fiber and a unique flavor to these wheat-bran rich morsels.
EARTHQUAKE SURVIVOR BREAKFAST The Imperial Floor Created by Chef Victor Hirtzler April 18, 1906 Chilled Rhubarb Stew Assortment of Thinly Sliced Seasonal Fruit and Berries, Yogurt Dipping Sauce Variety of Morning Pastries to include: Butter Croissants, Muffins and Danish Pastries Stewed Prunes Rice Griddle Cakes Made with "Flannel" Pancake Butter, Maple Syrup Freshly Scrambled Eggs With Black Truffles in Pastry Vol au Vent Southern Hominy with Cream Recreated by Chef Bernd Liebergesell April 18, 2006
Black treacle and stewed prunes are present in the aroma.