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English railway pioneer who built the first passenger railway in 1825 (1781-1848)

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A writer for the cybergeek in all of us, Neal Stephenson returns with Reamde, an epic thriller that bridges reality and the virtual world.
The second half saw few chances created as Davies landed three penalties in six minutes before Stephenson and Chris Barnfield replied.
Two more Stephenson penalties gave Quins the victory.
Cardiff led 16-10 at the turnaround and on the restart Stephenson landed a second penalty.
Dad-of-two Mr Britton, 58, was acting as a peacemaker, trying to break up a separate fight, when Stephenson turned on him.
My students are successful because they have the motivation to succeed; they have that drive," says Stephenson who has taught at Frankford her entire 41-year career.
Printing on the Prescot site can be traced back to 1761, but the company of T Stephenson & Sons was formed in 1900 when Thomas Stephenson bought the printing firm to supply cables giant BICC, which was opening in the town.
There was no coherent political resistance to National Socialism, Stephenson acknowledges, but she emphasizes the degree to which National Socialism never really laid down roots in rural Wtirttemberg.
You get the fellow who probably inspired him, Bill Stephenson, a mouse among men, a failed pots-and-pans salesman from Winnipeg who stood five feet, three inches, and boasted a 32-inch chest.
CORONATION Street co-stars Debra Stephenson and Bradley Walsh had a "very close relationship" but did not have an affair.
Tom Stephenson, 21, doesn't fit the typical image of an amateur porn star.
Next week, the exchange program reverses course with Saugus High School students flying to the same town for two months along with Patty Stephenson, chairwoman of the school's world languages department.
coli, is treated at the water treatment facility," says John Stephenson, director of natural resources and environment at the GAO.
It is instructive to note that by 1850 Stephenson had been actively involved in promoting and constructing one-third of the extant railway network in Britain, and in this capacity he acted as a crucial exemplar to his profession.
Philip Parker QC, defending Owen Stephenson at Stafford Crown Court yesterday said mother-of-three, Fiona, also said he became "abusive and quite frightening" when he suspected wrongly that she was having an affair with her brother-in-law.