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English railway pioneer who built the first passenger railway in 1825 (1781-1848)

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Stephenson himself "bottomed out" as he came to terms with the severity of the situation, concerned not just for the planet but for the future of his children.
The first decider was against Arthur Dobey who could do little early doors as Stephenson found his form with scores of 60, 180, 100, 137 and double 12 in a 15-dart leg.
Good handling ended with Lewis Snowden crossing for a try, Stephenson adding the goal, which he also did to an excellent try from Nic Evans.
Stephenson and Walker saw the unnamed man slumped against a fence.
But the German giant came down hard on Mr Stephenson, of Osmotherley, who has now been ordered to hand over his cherished internet real estate.
Brockholes bowler Stephenson and Cowcliffe's Lunn were 21-6 winners in the final against Primrose Hill's V Holroyd and C Crouch from Brockholes.
It was Stephenson who built the locomotive Blucher, the first to use smooth flanged wheels with an edge rail and show that sufficient adhesion could be obtained using this method.
This time, it's the Indiana Pacers blowing on the ear of Lance Stephenson.
Hill 3-10 9-9 15, Stephenson 8-12 2-4 19, Copeland 1-2 0-0 3, Watson 3-6 1-2 7, Mahinmi 0-0 1-2 1.
Go Mode can't let those tasks get in the way--and neither does Stephenson.
Stephenson presented the results of his latest study, an analysis of the revised version of the Dairy Market Stabilization Program.
A writer for the cybergeek in all of us, Neal Stephenson returns with Reamde, an epic thriller that bridges reality and the virtual world.
Full-back James Stephenson replied with a penalty for the Quins and then Wizards fly-half Jamie Davies and Stephenson notched further first-half penalties.
Quins responded with a try from James Stephenson, while Sneddon and Stephenson traded penalties.
Quins responded with a 28th-minute try from full-back James Stephenson,while Sneddon and Stephenson traded penalties in the approach to half-time.