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English poet and critic (1909-1995)

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Stephen Spender insisted that in its engagement with contemporary politics his generation was "aware of having renounced values which we continued nevertheless to consider aesthetically superior in Joyce, Yeats, Eliot, Lawrence and Virginia Woolf" ([1967] 1979, 6)--a view that leaves inherited models of art intact.
There Ted stood, flanked by TS Eliot, WH Auden, Louis MacNeice on the one hand and Stephen Spender on the other, having his photograph taken.
His aim in this collection is to give readers a representative selection, one that will allow them to 're-discover Stephen Spender, and recover a sense of his importance' by seeing how he drew on some of the greatest strands in English poetry: Byron, Shelley, Tennyson and Matthew Arnold.
Distinguished by their arresting abstract covers, by Kermode's appetite for critical theory and by some celebrity authors (including Stephen Spender on T.
In die geval van byvoorbeeld Stephen Spender, is sy liefdesgedigte soms vanwee huile eerlikheid, belydeniskarakter en emosionaliteit "onaf, nog rou materiaar" (Opperman, 1959:147).
Auden, su amigo y mentor, cuya presencia fantasmal lo empuja a voltear para toparse con una de las pocas ventanas iluminadas del Florian, tras la que se desarrolla una escena lechada en la decada de los cincuenta: "Sobre los rojos divanes de peluche, en torno a una pequena mesa de marmol con un kremlin de bebidas y de teteras encima, estaban sentados Wystan Auden y su gran amor, Chester Kallman, Cecil Day-Lewis y su mujer, Stephen Spender y la suya.
British poet Stephen Spender, addressing those Sorbonne students later that spring, finds himself mistaken for Herbert Marcuse.
Stephen Spender (1940) is one of several oil portraits on show (9 October-12 December).
Marianne Moore was there, with William Rose Benet and Horace Gregory, Richard Eberhart, Randall Jarrell, Elizabeth Bishop, Charles Henri Ford; the young novelist Gore Vidal and the young playwright Tennessee Williams who had so recently made their names, and the English poets Wystan Auden and Stephen Spender.
Stephen Spender, for instance, opined that Auden's Christianity was curiously theoretical and not deeply felt.
Stephen Spender, whose translation of Maria Stuart was used by the London Old Vic production of 1958 and the Bristol Old Vic production of 1960, contrasted Schiller with Shakespeare in this respect:
Al parecer, en 1938 Auden tuvo la intencion de encontrarse en Mexico con dos de sus mas queridos colegas y amigos: Stephen Spender y Christopher Isherwood, pero nada se concreto.
The destruction of the city itself, with all its past as well as its present," wrote the British poet Stephen Spender after visiting Cologne in 1948, "is like a reproach to the people who go on living there.
In fact, one thing that becomes clear from reading Parker's work is the extent to which Isherwood felt an incessant urge to rewrite and reassess his life, as did many other notable writers of the thirties; some, like Stephen Spender, author of World within World (1951), or Edward Upward, In the Thirties (1962), formed part of Isherwood's intimate circle.
Over drinks in the Officers' Club I would hang on his reports about the poets he met there, not only the English poets George Barker and Stephen Spender, but the Americans, among them Harry Brown (whose novel later became the film A Walk In The Sun) and Dunstan Thompson.