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English poet and critic (1909-1995)

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Day-Lewis's file notes: 'Like his close associates Stephen Spender and WH Auden he is an intellectual communist, but of the three he is definitely the most convinced and practical Party man.
It provides synopses of the lives of John Addington Symonds, Christopher Isherwood, Stephen Spender, Joe Ackerley, Quentin Crisp, Andre Gide, Jean Genet, Paul Monette, and a number of others.
He said: 'He was a contemporary of W H Auden, Cecil Day-Lewis and Stephen Spender, but little is known about his personal life before he became a published poet, so this letter is a really important find.
Stephen Spender complained that it didn't print poetry.
That said, since the day forty years ago when Stephen Spender lifted him from the slush pile Hughes has come close indeed to - in Ginsberg's phrase - 'self-prophetic mastery of the human universe'.
Stephen Spender noticed that |the technique of Under the Volcano is essentially cinematic', (1984 edition, p.
Eliot, James Joyce, Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, and Stephen Spender, and Ortega and his colleagues, including Antonio Marichalar, Victoria Ocampo, Manuel Altolaguirre, and Federico Garcia Lorca.
This month, let it suffice to say what Stephen Spender did in ''The Truly Great'' (1932):
They lived there for three months, being joined in January by writer Stephen Spender.
He talks incessantly and will pan out to be a prodigious bore," said Virginia Woolf about Stephen Spender.
H Lawrence, Stephen Spender, Jack Lindsay, and others; and the impact of Catholic ritual in Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, and David Jones.
Steve Ellis, professor of English Literature at the University of Birmingham, said: "The poets of the previous decade, such as Auden and Stephen Spender, achieved a great deal of notice through their political involvement, and the Spanish civil war.
There Ted stood, flanked by TS Eliot, WH Auden, Louis MacNeice on the one hand and Stephen Spender on the other, having his photograph taken.
His aim in this collection is to give readers a representative selection, one that will allow them to 're-discover Stephen Spender, and recover a sense of his importance' by seeing how he drew on some of the greatest strands in English poetry: Byron, Shelley, Tennyson and Matthew Arnold.