Stephen Jay Gould

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United States paleontologist and popularizer of science (1941-2002)


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Stephen Jay Gould uses these preserved fossil fauna, about 530 million years old, to think about how life on Earth could have evolved differently and to celebrate the uniqueness of our world.
The naturalist Stephen Jay Gould (1985) repeatedly pointed out how even in his field of science, "Facts achieve an almost immortal status once they pass from primary documentation into secondary sources, .
Rejecting stereotypical descriptions of the alleged warfare between science and religion, McGrath notes that such evolutionary thinkers as Stephen Jay Gould have acknowledged that science can neither affirm nor deny the existence of God.
Carl Sagan or Stephen Jay Gould, perhaps, though I try to write more simply than Steve did.
Evolutionary biologists, like Stephen Jay Gould, who say that life began on Earth some four billion years ago are, to put it mildly, deluded.
Hancock displays the incongruity of atheistic naturalists like Stephen Jay Gould being invited to Catholic campuses to debrief Catholic professors and students on the impossibility of Catholic revelation.
No stone of classic or popular environmental literature is left unturned in this book, from Malthus and Darwin to James Lovelock, Stephen Jay Gould and even Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber.
That's because Tout-Fait is the brainchild of artist Rhonda Roland Shearer and her husband, renowned Harvard biologist Stephen Jay Gould.
Stephen Jay Gould, not exactly a Darwinian evolutionist, puts it best when he states that evolution is as accepted as scientific fact as the one that says the Earth revolves around the sun.
Attenborough and Stephen Jay Gould, the Harvard evolutionary biologist, have played a major part in the fund-raising effort, speaking at public meetings and, in Attenborough's case, making a video for presentation to potential donors.
On the other hand, a distinguished musical amateur such as Stephen Jay Gould avers that this book has helped him listen to the Well-tempered Clavier with new understanding and enjoyment; and there will doubtless be others.
Acknowledging Schumpeter, he questions the relevance to economic science of incrementalist Newtonian mechanics and champions as more appropriate the evolutionary, biological metaphor advanced by Stephen Jay Gould.
Universities should consider a broad range of writing in evaluating their faculty--everything from traditional research articles to textbooks and popular writing, such as the books and magazine articles of Stephen Jay Gould.
Other previous winners include Stephen Hawking, Robert Kunzig and Stephen Jay Gould.
iMediaEthics is published by Art Science Research Laboratory, a not-for-profit co-founded by its director, Rhonda Roland Shearer, an artist, art historian and award winning journalist, and her late husband, Harvard professor and scientist Stephen Jay Gould.