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United States paleontologist and popularizer of science (1941-2002)


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Stephen Gould Corporation is a retail and industrial packaging and printing company.
Because science, as Stephen Gould maintains, is "a socially embedded activity" (21), fallacious studies were undertaken to confirm existing societal prejudice.
On the panel will be Curtis Jobling, who designed Bob the Builder, Stephen Gould, who commissions new series for TV channel Fox Kids Europe, and Rochelle Lewis, who is a recruiter for the company that makes Rugrats.
Bill Quay face rejuvenated Ryhope with Paul Bentham and David Orridge in for Stephen Gould and Craig Lyle.
Early this year, Stephen Gould developed lung cancer, which spread so quickly that there was no hope of survival.
This is a treasure that will be appreciated especially by readers who enjoy the meditative science writing of Lewis Thomas, Annie Dillard, Stephen Gould, and Loren Eisley.
Stephen Gould, director of recruitment and training, explains that there are two ways of taking on a pub - buying the freehold or becoming a tenant or lessee.
Stephen Gould, Business Director for Punch Taverns, also hopes the work will lead to the creation of more jobs.
A good case could be made that the Bauplan is a myth, probably as pernicious as any of the myths that Stephen Gould has so ably combatted, but this one, in its modern form, is largely perpetuated by him.
There are a number of writers, including Richard Dawkins, Steven Vogel, and Stephen Gould, whose writing style makes their work worth reading just for the prose.
Then, some 20 years ago, to accommodate the phyletic failings of this approach, Niles Eldredge and Stephen Gould resuscitated the old saltatory theory under the tendentious heading of Punctuated Equilibria, where evolutionary gradualism was replaced with sudden leaps and bounds.
But Stephen Gould, project director of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's program on scientific communications and national security, would throw the responsibility for motivating change back in the lap of the research community.
OTCBB:LBAS), a leading-edge service provider of personal, pet, and asset location devices, today announced that they have received an order from Stephen Gould Corporation for specialized medical equipment and asset tracking devices that will be utilized by a Southern California medical company.
Robert Holmes came in with the cheapest price and just before Christmas Stephen Gould, head at EPIP, rang to give us the go-ahead for the manufacture of nine high quality 'green oak' benches.
This DVD has the same cast I saw in Valencia, with the key exception that British Columbian Lance Ryan sings Enee while I heard American Stephen Gould on stage.