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United States naval officer remembered for his heroic deeds (1779-1820)


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Attacking planes were duly shot down and to indicate our displeasure--shades of Stephen Decatur --we bombed Tripoli, allegedly killing a member of Qaddafi's family.
A second war would be fought before Commander Stephen Decatur shelled Algiers into submission and quelled the Barbary threat--in 1816.
The May/ June 2007 issue contains a letter from Stephen Decatur to Secretary of the Navy Paul Hamilton.
The new Landover Hills store will collaborate with Port Towns Elementary School, just as the Bowie store has worked with Kenilworth Elementary, and the Clinton store has adopted Stephen Decatur Middle School.
Commodore Stephen Decatur led the fledgling US fleet into war--despite his wife having written to the secretary of the navy asking that he be excused--and proved an uncompromising customer; when asked by the port captain in Algiers for a three-hour truce to consider the terms of the treaty on offer, he replied, "Not a minute.
This biography of American naval hero Stephen Decatur will appeal to younger listeners, especially fans of the true-life adventure genre.
Benjamin Henry Latrobe, sometimes known as the ``Father of American Architecture'' for introducing the Federal style, designed the Decatur House and built it in 1819 for naval hero Commodore Stephen Decatur.
Benjamin Domoto of HSL-44 was the recipient of the 2002 Navy League Stephen Decatur Award for superior operational competence.
Naval officer Stephen Decatur (1779-1820), "Our country, in dealing with other countries, may she always be right--but it is still our country, right or wrong.
Stephen Decatur destroyed the ship to prevent Tripoli from refitting it, sneaking in and out of Tripoli's harbor without losing a man, in what Lord Nelson called the age's boldest act of naval heroism, and became the greatest American naval hero of the day.
ships under the command of Stephen Decatur bombarded Tripoli, and the blockade was stepped up.
In honor of the naval hero Stephen Decatur, a stage was created to look like the bow of a ship - the U.
Stephen Decatur, commanding the Intrepid, burned the captured U.
Life of Stephen Decatur, a Commodore in the Navy of the United States.