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United States piano maker (born in Germany) who founded a famous piano manufacturing firm in New York (1797-1871)

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A further 24 Essex grand and upright pianos also manufactured within the Steinway Group will enhance the remaining practice and teaching rooms and drama rehearsal spaces.
The collection of 62 new Steinway pianos includes 19 grand pianos, one concert grand and 18 upright pianos.
The impressive selection of grand and upright pianos seen here with Glen Gough, managing director of Steinway & Sons, included used Steinway instruments rebuilt at the company's London Restoration Centre.
We have sought for some time to expand the Steinway & Sons brand into the high performance digital sound system market," said Steinway & Sons Executive Vice President, Frank Mazurco.
The company had been acquired from the Steinway family by CBS in 1972.
Famed music critic James Huneker was commissioned by Steinway and Sons to write the texts illuminating the 12 paintings by American artists of famous composers for the pianoforte (and other instruments).
Steinway, more than any other, needs to have some relief, in all fairness to the Steinway people,'' Pari said.
We're able to offer the public a marvelous buy on Boston and Steinway pianos that would not normally be offered to the public, and we're able to help build the WUSF Steinway Piano Fund.
Because of the large amount of force exerted by the strings, a piano calls for an engineered material that can stand up to high levels of force for long periods of time," said Bob Berger, director of quality at Steinway & Sons, Long Island, New York.
A professor of history, Lieberman is director of the La Guardia and Wagner Archives at La Guardia Community College, where many of the Steinway papers are held.
If you stand still and listen, you can almost hear the strains of a lyrical Mozart concerto or a passionate Beethoven sonata drifting down from the portraits in the Steinway & Sons collection.
Used Steinway prices, though, are all over the map, although generally sell for about 5% to 20% less than new instruments.
Hands, hundreds of them, bring each Steinway piano into the world by fashioning, assembling and adjusting more than 12,000 parts.
Saliba, vice president of sales and marketing for Steinway Hall - Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano, announced that Bryan Elmore has been hired to lead institutional sales for the company.
June 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sonny's Pianos restores iconic Steinway pianos and sells them to an international audience.