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United States electrical engineer and inventor (born in Germany) (1865-1923)

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The search for an athletics director is progressing quickly, and there are a number of talented individuals we are considering," Steinmetz said.
Steinmetz will focus on the development of NKF's restaurant and retail services businesses, specializing in high street retail and luxury markets.
Prior to Churchill, Steinmetz was vice president of Reimbursement and Patient Access for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and also vice president of Policy and Payer Insight for Oncology/Biopharmaceuticals within GSK's US market access division.
Between 2008 and 2009, Beny Steinmetz, through his Beny Steinmetz Group Resources (BSGR) acquired rights to mine the northern portion of Simandou, a mine located in the southern interior of Guinea, at the bargain price of $165 million.
Professor Nicole Steinmetz, a researcher at Ohio University, US, said it acts "like a switch that turns on the immune system to recognise and fight against the tumour as well as to remember it".
Steinmetz has decided not to renew his contract with the company and to explore other pursuits.
Steinmetz will become CEO on July 1, replacing William F.
21 November 2013 - Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz and Austrian investor Rene Benko's Signa have been given an option to buy 75.
According to Kristin Steinmetz, co-coordinator of the festival, the 80th species was discovered at last year's festival.
They're called 'photogasms'-moments of sudden retina-to-brain shock when a photographer captures something they've never seen before-and George Steinmetz experienced one when he discovered the possibilities of the motorised paraglider, the 'flying Fawn chair' from which he takes his pictures.
The aunt Cindy Steinmetz, 35, from Stockton, smashed the heel of her shoe into the 16-year-old student's face.
PNN The Sammoni family, 29 members of which were killed by the Israeli military in Gaza in 2009, have issued an appeal to the British Queen to remove the Steinmetz Forevermark Jubilee Diamond which De Beers put on display in the Tower of London to mark the Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee.
The American Iran Tourism Association in the US was established in Hawaii by Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, publisher of eTurboNews.
Leo and Nadine Steinmetz of Junction City celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Nov.
One of McLaren's key sponsors, diamond specialists Steinmetz, have again joined forces with the Woking-based team ahead of Sunday's 78-lap showdown around the streets of the principality.