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Most security tools we use in the active defence of our organizations do not look for data hidden using steganography.
Secret image sharing with steganography and authentication.
Generally, a steganography message will appear to be something else: a picture, an article, a shopping list, or some other messages.
Steganography is the technique of hiding information in other data such as visual images, voice communication and music.
Steganography combining data decomposition mechanism and stego-coding method.
Aimed at the experienced content-security professional, the book begins with a brief introduction to the types and uses of steganography.
Another unique feature of Puffer is the use of steganography to hide encrypted data in the pixels of image files so as not to be detected by the casual observer.
The practice of steganography, which involves hiding messages inside graphic files, is a widespread art among criminal and terrorist elements.
Finally, both the positive and negative applications of steganography must be considered to facilitate the effective use of this constructive technological tool.
Anybody, including mad bombers, can do steganography using software off a magazine cov er or the Net.
The book, 'Information Hiding; Techniques for Steganography and Digital Watermarking', aims to provide the reader with a comprehensive resource on the process and uses of steganography and digital watermarking, throughout nine detailed chapters.
If you saw the Morgan Freeman movie, Along Came a Spider, then you have an idea of just how steganography works.
Steganography is using existing computer files, most often graphic images, to hide messages.