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In contrast to non-adaptive steganography, the content-adaptive steganography constrains the embedding changes to edge, texture and noisy regions difficult to model and the embedding noise caused by content-adaptive steganography is covered by inherent image noise, so it can achieve the better statistical detectability and steganographic security.
Before delving into a new method, it would be best to discuss one of the more common steganographic techniques in use today which use image files as carriers.
Steganographic techniques of data hiding using digital images.
Steganographic technique proposed in this study uses 2nd bit plane substitution by secret message and then TPVD embedding over remaining 7-bit image to increase payload.
com/growing-cyberthreat-steganographic-malware-hiding-images-2555102) increased incidents of steganographic malware , which involves embedding a secret algorithm within an image.
At steganographing the confidential information (CI) or a digital watermark [3] (DWM) after preliminary coding, which result is the additional information (AI), as a rule, presented as the binary sequence, enwraps into a container using steganographic algorithm which in the presented work the digital image (DI) is used.
As more malware authors see tangible benefits from leveraging steganographic techniques, they will quickly become widespread.
Specific bits of a digital image file that have been replaced with the bits of a secret steganographic payload permit a covert agent to post top-secret documents on their Facebook wall by simply uploading what appear to be cute images of kittens on any typical Saturday.
Chou, "Reversible data hiding scheme using two steganographic images", in Proc.
have used a substitution cipher for plaintext encoding where base triplet is assigned to each letter of the alphabet, numeral and special characters and demonstrated a steganographic approach by hiding secret messages encoded as DNA strands among multitude of random DNA [14].
EL-ZANATY, On Covert Data Communication Channels Employing DNA Recombinant and Mutagenesis-based Steganographic Techniques, World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS) Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA, 978-960-8457-58-4, 2007.
The technology uses a steganographic encoding process undetectable with the naked eye and authenticated only by using GSSC's decoding methods.
Several ideas for hiding shares in meaningful content have been proposed with steganographic techniques, in which the secret image can be fully reconstructed as presented in schemes [2, 4, 6, 14, 15].
Steganographic Methods, Periodica Polytechnica, (2000) 249-258.
Breaking the Steganographic Utilities EzStego, Jsteg, Steganos, and S-Tools --and Some Lessons Learned.