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Dutch genre painter (1626-1679)


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The Steen story is one of those motivational tales you might hear at a Zig Ziglar pep rally: do what you really love and the rest will follow.
Steen suggested giving up on college and going into the gun business full time.
The staff reported the matter to the police and on August 7, Steens made a full admission of his guilt.
In mitigation, Chris Hughes, defending, said, Steens had already made arrangements to pay compensation to Mr Hall.
Both were of strong Christian character, and together they strove to follow the path inspired by the Steens two generations before.
It was in the Baptist church that the Steens and others first started to teach both young and old citizens to read.
The consensus that arose from congressional negotiations over the status of Steens Mountain will unravel without a credible management plan.
Much of Steens Mountain has been proposed for wilderness designation; until Congress decides yea or nay, it's being managed as if it already were.
Recent upgrading of the 66-mile, mostly gravel loop route from Frenchglen to the top of Steens Mountain makes it possible to tour the mountain by car in an afternoon.
The Steens Mountain Running Camp has operated summer camps at the fault-block mountain south of Burns for the past 27 years.
The Burns district of the BLM decided that both the Steens Wilderness Act of 2000 and the Wilderness Act of 1964 allow the high school distance runners to participate in the camp's signature event, a dawn-to-dusk trek through the Big Indian and Little Blitzen gorges.
High-school distance runners attending a camp in Southeastern Oregon later this month will be permitted to run through the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area over the objections of some who insist that it violates the letter and spirit of wilderness law.
The Eugene-based Steens Mountain Running Camp, which expects 285 students between July 21 and Aug.
What Wilderness Watch opposes is the camp's demand for special privileges that we believe are against the law within the Steens Mountain Wilderness.
Third, by designating the Steens Mountain Wilderness in 2000, Congress established a new purpose for the area.