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ground beef mixed with raw egg and e.g. onions and capers and anchovies

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Do as the locals do and try Belgian specialities such as waffles and steak tartar.
I had an impeccable steak tartar as a first course for pounds 7.
The cuisines offered at these establishments span the globe, allowing one to sample a medley of styles and flavors that include Mediterranean lamb chops, Peruvian ceviche, traditional French steak tartar and Kakuni, or Japanese pork.
Relatively fat Chardonnays like this one will also go well with red meats (it's a red wine disguised as a white wine) such as steak Tartar or a rare (to mid-rare) filet mignon.
It serves burgers, sausages, steak tartar, small plates, salads and cheeses, and also has a wine-pouring license.
Food safety investigators have linked the outbreak to Korean-style steak tartar (raw beef) at a restaurant chain.
A five-metre-high smoke sculpture at the entrance of the restaurant will set the scene for the steakhouse, which will serve traditional dishes such as Lobster Bisque and Steak Tartar, a variety of grill items including Kobe Beef as well as a wide selection of fresh seafood.
My boyfriend chose the fillet steak tartar with quail egg and toasted sour dough, but it's the lamb shepherd's pie he's still raving about.
The Welshman Farr travelled to New York and ended up with a face like a half-finished plate of steak tartar, but the mighty Bomber couldn't knock him down, and that was saying something in those days.
One of the things that impresses him about the cafe is it serves steak tartar, a raw fillet of beef few restaurants offer.