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a statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken

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State and Local Tax Policy Statement Regarding Statutes of Limitation
73) However, the court took pains to distance itself from Division l's conclusion in Tobin, stating, "in our view, it would be an absurd result to contemplate that, in light of two arguably applicable statutes of limitations, the legislature intended no time limitation for PRA actions involving single-document production.
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, legislators have enacted the law regarding statutes of limitation in a number of areas (refer to chart).
Criminal statutes of limitations limit the exposure of an individual to prosecution to a certain period following the commission of the crime.
81) In addition, statutes of limitation are in place to prevent the prosecution of stale claims and to punish litigants who sleep on their rights.
This concept applies to laws for statutes of limitation.
Dore, Statutes of Limitation and Corporate Fiduciary Claims: A Search for Middle Ground on the Rule/Standards Continuum, 63 BROOK.
Some of these cases have been decided within the context of issues related to statutes of limitation, whereas some cases have been decided in other contexts.
34) Furthermore, like the modern statutes of limitation under the discovery rule, laches will only protect the defendant and the courts upon a showing of the plaintiff's knowledge of injury.
That legal claims over misconduct in the 1850s are beginning to get a respectful hearing is just one more manifestation of a trend in American law that deserves more scrutiny than it has received: the persistent erosion of statutes of limitation and the principles behind them.
Therefore, due diligence file retention is governed by analysis of the statutes of limitation for these various causes of action.
Supreme Court's highly charged rulings last month involving affirmative action and anti-sodomy laws was another important decision by the high court involving statutes of limitations.
Perhaps Cooley has run out of time, for statutes of limitation create limits after which no prosecution is permitted.
36) Not only was the Clayton Act the best analogy for civil RICO, but adopting the Clayton Act's nationally uniform four-year limitations period for all civil RICO claims would also prevent forum shopping, (37) promote RICO's remedial purposes by avoiding the application of "unduly short state statutes of limitation [s]," (38) and lead to certainty, consistency, and less litigation.
Without enforceable statutes of limitation the entire entitlement process remains open to attack indefinitely into the future.