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a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat

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Our three rows of passengers--we'd rented a stationwagon, a Buick--made the car feel like a compact theater.
The pilgrims will return, one tour bus and RV and stationwagon after another.
In one case, a debarred lawyer was reduced to selling newspapers out of the back of his stationwagon and working as a clerk in a liquor store, and in another a stockbroker decided it made more sense to start serving out his sentence while he waited for what turned out to be a successful appeal because he was unable to find employment.
He and his four sons would cram them in the family stationwagon and drive up the hill until the road ended, then carry them up a long climb.
One of the most impressive is a 1940 Humber Stationwagon Woodie, loving restored since 1987, and with about 12 layers of colourful varnish on it, and plenty of room to take a group of friends off to the coast.
7 children to the general population, a Volvo stationwagon.
com includes a Buick Roadmaster Stationwagon with faux wood side panels and a couple of Pontiacs, Chevrolets and Cadillacs that will make you double take for all the wrong reasons.