Station of the Cross

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a representation of any of the 14 stages in Christ's journey to Calvary

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They will play a lead role in transforming the container with the Town End Farm community, in South Tyneside, which will be based on the fifth station of the cross.
Mark Cazalet, Station of the Cross St Andrews, Fulham, London
Kmiec blessed and dedicated the Chapel of the Holy Innocents June 1 at the Station of the Cross, a four-station Catholic radio network based in Williamsville.
Jesus Falls For the First Time,'' a dramatic, life-size depiction of the Third Station of the Cross, is catching the eyes of drivers and pedestrians at North Brand Boulevard and Dryden Street.
Crossing the road, I come to the 7th Station of the Cross, commemorating where Jesus fell under the load of the cross, our sins, a second time.