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a borough of New York City

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The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is a vital transportation artery for residents of Staten Island, and HOV lanes on the bridge will help alleviate congestion and streamline travel for commuters traveling between Staten Island and the rest of the city," Governor Cuomo said.
Unique to the existing Staten Island office market, Corporate Commons Three will feature a 40,000 SF green roof with an organic farm, including beehives to make honey, all of which will supply the building's non-profit on-site restaurant.
Brandon and Connor were among the 19 deaths on Staten Island due to Hurricane Sandy.
in 1955, settling in Brooklyn, before moving to Staten Island in 1996.
5 million visitors that ride our ferry each year," Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro said.
Judy Jones, 50, from Staten Island, said: "It didn't slow down and was coming so fast everyone in the terminal yelled and ran.
I told them about not being able to sleep and how it felt to go back and forth from Staten Island every day.
The new Staten Island cell site is aimed at improving network coverage and capacity in the Staten Island area.
The 300ft vessel slammed into the wooden pilings along the side of a dock as it arrived on the Staten Island end of its run across New York Harbour just before the start of the evening rush hour, Fire Department spokesman Mike Loughran said.
When she exhibited at the Staten Island Museum in 1950, she did a personal appearance on the ``News On The Hour'' television program and interviews on several radio programs.
The video will be shown both at the Newhouse Center and in the Staten Island Mall; Ukeles clearly wants to stress connections between art, trash, and commerce.
Fourteen human WN virus cases were confirmed from NYS in 2000, all from NYC (10 from Staten Island, 2 from Brooklyn, and 1 each from Queens and Manhattan) (4,5).
Few are aware that the Staten Island Greenbelt is nearly four times larger than Central Park in Manhattan.
The paper found Staten Island private schools expelled more than 500 students since last September, most of them from Catholic schools.
Probably most known for the Staten Island Ferry, New York City's fifth and often "Forgotten Borough" does not possess a reputation for being a leading destination for cutting-edge medical procedures.
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