State of Eritrea

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an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea

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Mohammed bin Abdullah Almra'ol, explained that the Interior Ministry would like to draw the attention of citizens to what it has received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the need for Saudi citizens traveling to the State of Eritrea for obtaining a valid visa from Eritrean diplomatic missions abroad so as not to be stopped at Asmara airport and not be allowed to enter into the country.
For example, the State of Eritrea was not properly outlined.
It was launched after several diplomats supported an initiative led by Youhannes Tecelmichael, Consul-General of the State of Eritrea and also Dean of the Consular Corps of Dubai.
President of the State of Eritrea and Chairman of the Executive Council of the PFDJ--Isaias Afwerki
The Government of the State of Eritrea does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.
The first cargo charter flight took off from the newly-opened Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali for Massawa International Airport of the East-African state of Eritrea on September 12.
Through StarBroker AG, DHL's in-house carrier, the first chartered flight from DWC bound for Massawa International Airport of the east-African state of Eritrea was successfully given the necessary landing rights to complete a seamless and on-time delivery of cargo.
The State of Eritrea became the seventh member after attaining independence in 1993.
Summary: The Directors of Gippsland Limited announced that the Company's 100% owned subsidiary Nubian Resources Pty Ltd has been granted a 2,100km2 Exploration Licence plus three new 100km2 Prospecting Licences (total 2,400km2), in the highly prospective Adobha region of The State of Eritrea.
While publicly claiming to seek peace and stability for the region, the Government of the State of Eritrea has pursued a widespread strategy of fomenting instability throughout the Horn of Africa and privately undermined nearly all efforts for broad-based, inclusive dialogue and reconciliation in the region--most notably in Somalia and Sudan.
A further 110 asylum-seekers and their families once lived in the African state of Eritrea.
This paper examines various farming systems including cereal farming, fruit cultivation and the practice of out-of-season vegetables in the different altitudinal zones of the state of Eritrea and suggests strategies for sustainable livelihood of the populace.
The group has always been very firm in opposing the existence of the separate state of Eritrea, as the creation of that country split the Afar homeland.
Ministry of Information and Culture, the State of Eritrea, Vol.
The European Union has welcomed the international "final and binding" ruling on the demarcation of a new border between Ethiopia and the breakaway state of Eritrea, announced in The Hague on April 13.