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an administrative unit of government

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The document was signed by FIMSA Executive Director Ibrahim Alishov and Deputy Head of the State Agency Azer Ahadov.
Since August 2013 he has been Deputy Chair of State Agency for Technical Operations - DATO, and since October 2013 he has been appointed as chairman.
The state agency collects the money from electric, natural gas and petroleum utilities and producers operating in Oregon.
His primary issue with the attorney fee bill is that it does not apply equally to all parties to a lawsuit, but only to the state agency.
Today, the typical relationship between a state agency and educational program includes agency membership on advisory councils, and input into the graduate training program, serving as adjunct instructors, making practicum and internship sites available to students, and employment options for program graduates.
The issues they wanted JCAHO to address were survey topics that were duplicative of those on state agency surveys and those Oryx performance improvement requirements that were perceived to be redundant with the MDS Quality Indicators.
A timely request is either a written request submitted to the appropriate state agency on or before the day the individual began work, or, if the individual presented the employer with a written preliminary determination that he is a member of a targeted group, a written request to the state agency no later than five days after start of employment.
There was an additional and unexpected benefit to locating an independent living program within a separate state agency for the blind.
A state agency draws its legal powers from the state statute that created it, not from the EEOC.
The IPA permits a person to inspect or obtain copies of any personal information, with certain exceptions, maintained by a state agency.
gov, provides a single point of entry to sign up for all state agency notifications offered through many state agency websites.
Zaharieva will also be in charge of the cooperation of the government with the State Commission on Information Security, State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation, Securities and Stock Exchanges Commission, the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance, the Communications Regulation Commission, the Bulgarian Patent Office, the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency and the Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Agency.
The following economic agencies will remain unchanged: State Service for Financial Market Regulation and Supervision, State Financial Intelligence Service, State Registration Service, State Tax Service, State Customs Service, State Communication Agency, State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources, State Inspection for Environmental and Technical Safety, Social Fund, State Property Management Fund, State Material Reserves Fund.
The narrower interpretation - favored by state agencies and environmental groups - would curtail state agency participation only in cases challenging the issuance of a permit, not just its terms.
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