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The center's state tax information includes useful annual updates on state tax rates for individual and corporate income tax, sales tax, specific excise taxes, and property taxes.
In this regard, it is proposed to exclude this function from the central office of the State Tax Service," he noted.
David Kraus serves as Chief Counsel to the Department of Revenue, advising the Secretary of Revenue and Governor s office on state tax matters.
Often, once the assessment is made, taxpayers may appeal the assessment to the administrative appeals unit within the state tax authority, at which point an informal and/or formal hearing may be held.
In CCA 201147024, the IRS Office of Chief Counsel addressed the federal income tax treatment of certain transferable Massachusetts state tax credits.
State tax incentives, such as the investment tax credit, are important factors that influence the capacity of manufacturers to build new facilities, buy new equipment and hire additional workers.
CEO Thomas Donohue, urging the group to continue to make combating state tax increase threats a top priority for its 2004 agenda.
Bridges that the state tax exemptions must first be challenged in state court.
When filing, should the state tax return be a full-year California return, with the prior state's W-2 included?
Moerdler, a partner with Wolf Block Schorr and Solis-Cohen and a member of the New York State Banking Board, said because the state tax is so onerous, "It pays to do everything to keep [the mortgage] alive, even if it costs you $20,000 to $30,000 in legal fees.
represented State Tax Institute in the transaction, the terms of which were not disclosed.
Wolters Kluwer US (Chicago, IL) has acquired State Tax Institute (STI; Atlanta, GA) from Professional Newsletters, Inc.
CCH), a leader in tax and business law reporting, has released state tax materials on CCH ACCESS CD-ROM.
A final issue: the interrelationship of federal and state tax policy.
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