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A&A General Construction LLC, $3,040 in unpaid state Department of Labor and Industries taxes.
arms exports, and how those State Department exports approvals substantially increased to governments that donated to the Clinton Foundation.
Washington State Department of Health, Emergency contraception protocol and standing orders, 2000, <http://www.
Ramadan, who notified the State Department of his donations, believes they are a pretext.
Public outcry forced the State Department to rescind that policy.
But other legal observers told NCR that the State Department does not like to intervene in such cases and will do so only when there is an "overriding foreign policy interest.
There is an inherent tension within the State Department between cooperating with the White House and coordinating with the rest of the world.
Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, MATRIX curator at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, contacted the State Department in July 2004 to ask if there would still be an open call.
Ford Hart, China pro on loan to NSC from State Department.
When it was unveiled in Washington, Hi drew fire from reporters on the State Department beat for its conspicuous failure to cover pressing concerns of U.
The New York State Department of Education who will use CAPS to ensure the safety of the student community by checking the criminal background of all employees through a FBI finger print check;
To arms-control advocates, the arms-export trade represents a destabilizing waste of resources in the already impoverished developing world; to Pentagon and State Department planners, it is the occasionally troublesome prerequisite of a domestic industry they rely upon to maintain America's military dominance; to workers across the United States, it is a guarantor of job security and a decent income; but to Pope John Paul II, the international arms-export business is a "scandalous" free market free-for-all that has to be restrained.
The New York State Department of Health received reports of 17,339 dead birds, including 5,697 (33%) crows; in Connecticut 1,040 dead crows were reported.
The certification, when awarded, will make possible State Department procurement for use in embassies, consulates and other facilities around the world.
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