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Synonyms for subsidy

Synonyms for subsidy

something, as a gift, granted for a definite purpose

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a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public

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The Commission concluded that the backstop provided by the HFSF as well as the amended restructuring plans are in line with EU state aid rules.
The Austrian objection stems from concern about the provision of British aid for the project, and the extent to which it would comply with common European state aid and competition rules.
In a statement the EC said: "The commission has taken the preliminary view that the aim and result of creating the new company was to avoid repaying the incompatible state aid granted to SEA Handling, of which Airport Handling ought to be considered the economic successor.
However, this will be one of the most extensive reviews of state aid enforcement since the implementation of rules on state aid with the original Treaty in 1956.
The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to examine whether UK plans to subsidise the construction and operation of a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset are in line with EU state aid rules.
She points out that state aid rules have previously been cited over suggestions that public money should be used to help Premier League football clubs like Everton and West Ham.
It is believed that the bank will not repay a EUR300m tranche of state aid this year on fears that the repayment would weaken it.
Several groups who received state aid such as ING and KBC have agreed to sell assets to meet European Commission requirements.
Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister, Miroslav Naydenov, said that Bulgaria is looking at 2 options - one is to maintain that there was no question of state aid which he added is more or less impossible to prove, and the second is to ask the EU to retrospectively recognize the deals as state aid for which Bulgaria will ask the EU Competition Commission.
Governor Lynch and legislative leaders claim that the state continues to partner with local government, and this new state budget actually increases state aid to local communities by 1.
she added, but because of the uncertainty of state aid, the action was necessary.
Clearance under EU state aid rules was rushed through in less than a day instead of the months it usually takes Brussels to vet such measures for fair competition.
Dye recommends responses such as identifying alternative revenue sources and making adjustments to state aid formulas.
Ryanair has reportedly filed two separate State Aid complaints with the European Commission about EUR1bn in state aid given to Air France and EUR1.
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