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Synonyms for subsidy

Synonyms for subsidy

something, as a gift, granted for a definite purpose

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a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public

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The recent state aid cases represent the first time the EC has exercised state aid control to address corporate tax practices on an EU scale.
state aid for the project, and the extent to which it would comply with common European state aid and competition rules.
This clarification forms part of the far-reaching state aid modernisation sought by stakeholders, various aid-granting public authorities, potential beneficiary enterprises and judicial authorities ruling on disputes in this area.
She points out that state aid rules have previously been cited over suggestions that public money should be used to help Premier League football clubs like Everton and West Ham.
It is believed that the bank will not repay a EUR300m tranche of state aid this year on fears that the repayment would weaken it.
The Council decision aims, ostensibly, at facilitating the transition of the 2002 state aid regime currently applying for the coal sector to that governing state aid rules for all sectors.
Several groups who received state aid such as ING and KBC have agreed to sell assets to meet European Commission requirements.
Budget information compiled by the Legislative Budget Assistant shows that total state aid to dries and towns in the 2008-09 budget--not including school districts--was approximately $303 million.
She confirmed the state aid measures designed to keep Bradford & Bingley afloat comply with EU rules on rescue aid.
Key findings include: (1) funding from local city support has dropped since 1991; (2) state aid has dropped since 1991 but still is the main financial supporter, while tuition and fees have more than doubled from 1991 to 2002; (3) the 2002 CUNY budget totals $1 billion, which represents a $243 million increase and a 21% rise since 1991; (4) state aid represents 53% of the total budget, with tuition and fees and city support making up 37% and 10%, respectively; (5) state aid rose $3.
In another case, the Commission has opened a formal inquiry into allegedly illegal state aid paid by a local authority in Britain to Toyota for building a 4,700 million car plant in the locality.
SECURITY Program bonds are enhanced by the state's obligation to directly deposit state aid payments with the trustee.
The European Commission has concluded that Bulgarian support measures in favour of the publicly-owned railway incumbent BDZ are in line with EU state aid rules.
The European Commission has extended the validity of two main instruments in the field of agricultural state aid by six months (see Europolitics 4751).
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