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Synonyms for dieting

the act of restricting your food intake (or your intake of particular foods)


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There cannot be too many voices urging changes that would allow Oregon's universities to survive on the starvation diet likely to be served up by the state.
America: How Muscular Millionaire Bernarr Macfadden Transformed the Nation Through Sex, Salad, and the Ultimate Starvation Diet (Harper), the largely forgotten pulp publishing magnate and fanatical physical training guru has his wild story told for the first time in many decades.
Despite the bad jokes, snickers and guffaws about her seven-day sex starvation diet imposed on Kenyan men to get the country's pig-headed, feuding and violence-prone leaders to the bargaining table, there's some evidence that the ploy worked.
At least Congress has begun taking the FDA off its starvation diet (and the Administration has dropped its opposition to increased funding).
Small business programs have been on a starvation diet for too many years and we're trying to reverse that," Kerry said.
THE MILKY WAY has a monster black hole lurking in its core, but it's on a starvation diet.
The basic premise is that, by simply wearing One Good Outfit (or Ogo, hence becoming an "Ogoer") and by paying some attention to power accessories and the social mannerisms of entitlement, even the very marginalized casualties of the welfare system can get off their starvation diet of beans and rice and into some mighty fine grub at events ranging from the Texaco staff retreat to the Wildlife Society awards banquet and the premier's appreciation dinner for Business Against Healthcare
The plan promised to provide the solid information needed to convince Congress and the public that the parks had been existing on a starvation diet.
Body weight fluctuates as patient alternately overeats, then launches starvation diet.
According to the National Park Conservation Association, "For more than a generation, parks have been on a budgetary starvation diet.
Yet in the same period it took Renault to turn Nissan around, GM bought 20% in almost every car maker not allied to Ford or DaimlerChrysler, killed Oldsmobile, scolded Saturn for not prospering on a starvation diet, and introduced the first of an onslaught of new trucks into a market quickly filling with import competition and running low on cheap fuel.
Daniels says this with a sincerity that is convincing--until you remember that the real point of his budget strategy is to put government on a long-term starvation diet.
Fishman: We in this field have done such a good job of living on a starvation diet that we tend to lose sight of how out of sync reimbursement is with other fields--for example, acute care.
Although he was hardly untrained when he arrived in Paris in 1913, having studied at the art academy in Vilna, the stark and uningratiating quality of his paintings of the late '10s - a real contrast with the sensual style of his great friend of the early Paris years, Amadeo Modigliani - suggests that not only the painter but his painterly cuisine had been fed a starvation diet.
In the past, that has sometimes meant a large monthly office lease payment, and a starvation diet.