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the national flag of the United States of America

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They were able to attend Stars and Stripes Universal Studios Night Out.
I've told them that Stars and Stripes is independent and has to remain that way.
Continue by adding stars and stripes until 50 stars and 13 stripes appear, while continuing to check for symmetry.
A committee of high-ranking officers commissioned Mary Young Pickersgill to create the original Stars and Stripes, which was to be just under 100[m.
The combination of the boat's size, light weight and stability makes New Zealand the longest and fastest monohull racer in the world, according to designers from both the New Zealand and Stars and Stripes teams.
Stars and Stripes has focused on the highest honors given for valor in a war zone, irrespective of rank.
Entering its fifth year, Stars and Stripes aspires to provide opportunities to baseball lovers across the country--players, their families, coaches, vendors and other baseball professionals--and to be a trusted partner with the community in providing guidance and leadership.
GETTING COPIES OF STARS and Stripes into Haiti in the first days after its devastating earthquake was a daunting logistical challenge.
99 Bring a plain top to life with candy stripe bangles, Freedom @ TopShop; EUR16 Bring some urban chic to your wardrobe with this star print hoodie, New Look; EUR2 Pull up your socks, Debenhams; EUR19 Be bold with a pair of stripy jeans, Matalan; EUR23 This vest is perfect for summer, Joules; EUR16 Go for a stars and stripes cosmetic bag, Clippy Ki; EUR74 Get ready to party in this print tulle dress, Lilly Kitten
CELEBRATE: Little Debbie Snack Cakes has introduced Little Debbie Stars & Stripes Marshmallow Puffs - the third addition to the Stars and Stripes collection of snacks, which already includes brownie squares and snack cakes.
Stars & Stripes Forever, seen here for the first time in its full version, was an inspired reduction of George Balanchine's Stars and Stripes.
WASHINGTON -- Stars and Stripes, independent daily newspaper for the U.
Less than a week after Stars and Stripes revealed the Pentagon was reviewing past work by embedded journalists -- rating some of their reporting as "positive" or "negative," the program has been stopped, the newspaper reported Monday.
The Stars and Stripes is a people's flag, as it was intended to be when it was adopted 225 years ago today.
Heroes" will appear in the European, Pacific and Middle East editions of Stars and Stripes on June 14, and subsequently in base newspapers at several military installations across the United States, as well as at key outlets in the nation's capital.