Star Chamber

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a former English court that became notorious for its arbitrary methods and severe punishments

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These were the names given by William Harrison, Robert Lawnde, and Edward Whitfield during the 1611 Star Chamber case.
implied that simply posing this question before the Star Chamber was
In this comprehensive account of the workings of the Irish Star Chamber Court, Crawford (director, International Education, Roanoke College, Virginia) describes the varying fortunes of the court under successive Irish chief governors from Henry Sydney to Thomas Wentworth.
23) Others, however, compared Officer Chavez's conduct to "the kind of custodial interrogation that was once employed by the Star Chamber [and] by the Germans of the 1930s and early 1940s.
In a scene right out of the movie The Star Chamber, a group of powerful religious-right leaders on May 6 grilled Marc Racicot, chairman of the Republican National Committee, about a meeting he'd had with the Human Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy group, in March.
Just as the Bush Administration is announcing that "defending our way of life" means supporting these star chamber court proceedings, curtailing civil liberties, and letting law enforcement listen in on conversations between lawyers and their clients, journalists seem to have given up their critical stance and decided that being a P.
The major central law courts--Common Pleas, King's Bench, Chancery, Wards, Star Chamber, and Requests--enveloped it while in Westminster Hall booksellers and hawkers plied their trade.
He takes particular issue with Kevin Sharpe's revisionist view that Charles was not a tyrant, that his financial exactions were not oppressive, and that Star Chamber was a popular court.
Even aside from the atrocious proceedings of the Star Chamber and High Commission, the state trials offer little more than a procession of "browbeating judges, packed juries, lying witnesses, clamorous spectators.
From the county court all the way up to the dreaded Star Chamber, law was an ever-present reality.
I'll bet that some heads will roll at BOLA when the witchfinder general opens the Star Chamber on Monday morning to find out why there weren't a couple of 14-race dug cards on standby.
In "Death of a Scapegoat," the author demonstrates that the Star Chamber was not nearly as bad as many of the other courts of is time.
Instead of being seen as fair and impartial, the courts are viewed as the equivalent of a Koestler nightmare at best, and a fifteenth century Star Chamber at worse.
To ensure the fitness of public officials, Hoover naturally used dragnet interviews, faceless accusers, and other Star Chamber methods.
ICANN's potentially momentous change seems to have been made in a top-down star chamber.