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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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The opening song on Balasanov's 2008 debut begins with splashy jazz drums, standup bass and scat singing, before wrapping itself in an other worldly percussive melody that sounds like tweezers drumming on tiny pipes.
Jazz musician Esperanza Spalding accompanied herself on standup bass for "If I Was Your Girlfriend.
The band consists of Frank Inangelo (bar manager at Vincent's) on drums, Jason James (Worcester's hardest working musician) on guitar, and Jack Hanlon (of The Amazing Royal Crowns) slapping the standup bass around.
Finally, suddenly, it's joined by a burst of groove and melody from a trio of reedists, a violinist, and Aoki himself, his standup bass pushing the drummers' search into a joyous song.
Scripted docu then opens with a musical trio called Billy's Band performing the title tune with manic zest on electric guitar, standup bass and accordion.