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Synonyms for extortion

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an exorbitant charge

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unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)

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the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

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The second and third rules provide fertile grounds for standover tactics by young people, often against their grandparents.
To attempt conversation with the vendors, beggars, prostitutes, pimps, standover men, bike riders, tuk-tuk (motorised rickshaw) drivers, and the like can be illuminating.
According to the Herald Sun, Srinivasan has continued his destruction of the game's credibility by having Australian Tim May dumped from the International Cricket Council's (ICC) influential cricket committee by using blatant standover tactics.
Standover is judged by the amount of space between the frame of the bike and your crotch when you are stood over the bike.
To investigate these and further allegations of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, physical and verbal abuse, bullying, intimidation, theft, graft and standover tactics, Commissioner Walker appointed a Special Industrial Board Inquiry, which sat from 15 April and conducted 150 interviews, mainly with the aid of interpreters (ACAC 1981: 7-13, 17, 32).
There weren't any standover men demanding protection money from you," explains a former inmate, "but there were certain powerful people who you knew you had to look after" (Young and McFadden 2003, 229).