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a contract that heavily restricts one party while leaving the other free (as some standard form printed contracts)

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The standard form contract was revised and updated as of June 1, 2014.
285, 290 (2000) ("[I]n an advanced economy the standard form contract accounts for more than 99% of all contracts used in commercial and consumer transactions for the transfer of goods, services and software.
159) These safeguards are undermined if a bank is empowered to directly transfer confidential information to a foreign authority on the basis of an ex ante customer consent clause in a standard form contract.
There is a profound disparity of information between parties when a dispute resolution clause is inserted into a standard form contract made with a consumer, worker, patient, borrower, or the like.
This conclusion holds whether patients negotiate liability contracts directly with individual physicians or are presented with standard form contracts governing malpractice liability offered by their health insurers.
CONTENTS I Introduction II Classical Contract Law and Procedural and Substantive Fairness III The Scope of the UCTL A Standard Form Consumer Contracts B Excluded Terms C Determining whether a Term in a Standard Form Contract Is Unfair 1 Does the Term Cause a Significant Imbalance in the Parties' Rights and Obligations under the Contract?
Trust law does not recognize the rule largely because of the perception that it is unnecessary: unlike consumers assenting to a standard form contract, settlors enjoy the benefits of attorney representation and the ability to revise or amend the instrument.
Kanitz was the first Canadian case to deal with the question of whether the right to pursue a consumer class action could be contracted away by an arbitration clause in a standard form contract.
The use of a standard form contract is often used to overcome the high cost of separately recording each of a series of repetitive type contracts.
In some standard form contract cases, the courts have been more inclined to enforce the terms when the customer is given a period in which to return a purchased item.
Whether the legal implications of a limitation of liability clause in an unread standard form contract can be regarded as voluntarily assumed should perhaps be regarded as the exemplary issue in relation to voluntariness in contract.
NABs additional commitment to simplify small business contracts follows a recommendation by the Ombudsman to implement a new small business standard form contract written in plain English.
As with every aspect of your business, having and using a standard form contract for venue entertainment ensures that everyone understands the business side of the deal.
Under the new law, a small business will be able to have an unfair term in a standard form contract declared void by a Court if, at the time of agreeing to the contract, it had fewer than 20 employees and the contract did not exceed $300,000 (or $1 million for contracts longer than twelve months).
Broadly, in order to obtain a residence visa and work permit for an individual in the UAE, it is necessary to file a standard form contract with the relevant free zone authority or the Ministry of Labour (with some exceptions).
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