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The AFS Metalcasting Trends newsletter distributed to AFS Corporate Members includes an explanation of the new North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which Stratecasts will employ as a replacement to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.
Until recently, according to the Standard Industrial Classification Manual issued by the Office of Management and Budget in Washington, D.
economy, the Economic Census uses a new business classification system, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS,) in place of the 60-year-old Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 3052, covering rubber and plastics flat belting.
861-8(e)(3)(i)(b) provides that a taxpayer shall determine the relevant product categories by reference to the three-digit classification of the Standard Industrial Classification Manual (SIC codes).
job type as measured by Standard Industrial Classification, gender, marital status, age, number of dependents, length of employment with the company, length of time on the specific job, weekly wage, event county) and injury variables (injury source, accident type, nature of injury, part of body injured) to the criterion variable of amount of time taken in returning to work after an industrial injury.
The conference was organized by the Bureau in response to the increasing criticism of the Standard Industrial Classification System (SIC) that is used by governmental statistical agencies to measure economic activity in the U.
The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) was utilized to categorize survey responses.
Furthermore, this is the first report to adopt ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities) in classification of Chinese enterprises, corresponding to the reading habit of international readers, and it is also very helpful for readers to make a comparison on the development condition and investment potential of industrial process control equipment industry in China with that in other countries.
Beginning with the release of the June 2014 data, the classification of loans by industry will be based on the 2009 Philippine Standard Industrial Classification (PSIC).
This two-volume reference presents individual essays on every industry recognized by the US Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.
Previously published estimates for the 1947-86 period were based on the Standard Industrial Classification system.
As mentioned above, the fact that this uses the new NAICS represents a significant break from the past use of the old-shoe Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.
The NAICS codes replaced the Standard Industrial Classification codes and are to be used on a taxpayer's Federal income tax return.
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