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Synonyms for stamp collecting



Synonyms for stamp collecting

the collection and study of postage stamps

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For nearly a century, stamp collectors have chased the Inverted Jennys and have accounted for nearly all 100 of them.
She said she was a thematic stamp collector, gathering stamps depicting certain topics.
Dayan said the stamp collectors across the world are doing a great service to the postal sector through their efforts.
Last week An Post introduced four new stamps depicting Curling's paintings of four Irish breeds - the thoroughbred, connemara, coloured horse and Irish draught - and a spokesperson says: "Horse lovers, racing enthusiasts and stamp collectors dream of owning a Peter Curling masterpiece - this is their chance, at 55c each.
is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters and educational novels on accounting and taxation, as well as pieces in unrelated magazines such as Coin World and Stamp Collectors.
com)-- When an average of 12 titles a month are reported to be folding (“74 Titles Fold in First Half 2011” - Folio Magazine 30 June) the niche magazine for stamp collectors and philatelists, Gibbons Stamp Monthly (GSM), has grabbed market share from competitors to own more than 50% of the philatelic magazine market.
A magazine for stamp collectors revealed the error after a philatelist spotted that the stamp shows a rectangular patch on the crown of the statue.
He said that back in the 1930s, at the height of the Commonwealth, one cunning man set out to profit from rare stamp collectors.
Once the main post office, like those in other capital cities, contained a philatelic bureau to assist stamp collectors - not so now at Cardiff.
The starting price for the cheapest Penny Black going up for auction tonight is around BD30, but stamp collectors will also have their eye on one of the most valuable collections going under the hammer - a collection of stamps from Hijaz and Najd in Saudi Arabia, dating from 1921 to 1927.
EARLIER this month, stamp collectors were presented with a rare opportunity to bid for an item formerly owned by the Queen.
The event presents a unique opportunity for stamp collectors and members of the public to view a treasure-house of Arab stamps.
Firstly, many stamp collectors tend to be aged over 60, meaning they are less likely to have a mortgage and be affected by day-to-day rises in the cost of living.
STAMP collectors from across the country will be converging on Hinckley this month.
Stamp collectors in the field of visual impairment and blindness will be interested to learn that the Royal Mail, the United Kingdom's postal service, recently paid tribute to service dogs, including dog guides, with a series of stamps featuring working dogs in action.