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Popular entertainment venues, such as circus and komedi stambul tents and moving picture exhibition spaces, counted among the few sites that continued to attract and accommodate thousands of people of mixed ethnicities and social classes in close quarters on a daily basis.
Most movie-goers in the Indies would have already gained familiarity with many or all of these classics, stories and plays through their previous adaptation for the komedi stambul stage.
The transformation from Stambul to modern Malay opera did not happen overnight, and a conventional approach to staging Malay opera was never entirely abandoned or lost.
Pierre Stambul, 2007, "Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and "Anti-Israel ismno.
So fromm" from Flotow's Martha and the luscious title song from Leo Fall's Die Rose von Stambul.
Armour, Michael Polich and Harriet Stambul, Evaluating Alcoholism Treatment (Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corporation, 1976).
MIAMI -- The historic and striking 1925 marble downtown building, once Miamios International Bank, is set to be restored by construction specialists Stambul USA.
Daniel PeSa Giraldi, general manager of Stambul USA, the buildingos developers, explained that being a 1925 building, devoid of original plans, the first job was to understand the buildingos operation for which everything from excavations, to identifying the type of foundations, to implementing x-rays and radars to determine the structural reinforcement was necessary.
Ketoprak is a genre of costume drama accompanied by gamelan music, ultimately derived from nineteenth-century hybrid theatres including the Parsi theatre and komedi stambul.
For example, Kunst, who had worked closely with the Indonesian nobility to gather much of his data on Javanese music, disapproved of popular performing arts such as stambul and bangsawan theatre and the associated syncretic Indonesian kroncong music, which were being disseminated by radio, cinema and phonograph recordings in Indonesia and Malaysia from the 1920s.