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Among the topics are Evliya and the sultan, the Avenue of the Long Market, the Street of the Dwarf Fountain, the hunger of elephants, Stamboul journeys, the saints in our alleyways, and the passage of flowers.
Mousley, The Secrets of a Kuttite: An Authentic Story of Kut, Adventures in Captivity and Stamboul Intrigue, London: John Lane, 1921; Sandes, In Kut and Captivity, 193.
Writing in 1877, the traveler Edmondo de Amicis describes Istanbul's mystery: "Beyond the sixth hill of Stamboul and beyond Galata nothing but vague outlines can be seen, patches of city or suburb, glimpses of harbours, fleets, groves --pale in the azure air, unreal, like tricks of the light and atmosphere" (p.
Savory in Stamboul Train (1932) and, according to Sherry (439-40), did so again in BR as the "well-known popular author" who "displayed his plump too famous face in the window of the Royal Albion [Hotel], staring out to sea" (153).
me disais-je interieurement, si un energique patriote, si Gregoire III Ghica, l'indomptable prince de Moldavie, ou Gregoire IV Ghica le Restaurateur eut regne alors a Bukarest, la couronne de Michel le Brave n'eut pas servi de jouet aux diplomates et aux despotes degeneres de Stamboul
Publications de l'Institut historique-archeologique neerlandais de Stamboul, vol.
64) Graham Greene, Stamboul Train (1932), Noel Langley, There's a Porpose Close Behind Us (1936), Aldous Huxley, Crome Yellow (1921), Elizabeth Bowen 'Recent Photograph', (1926).
In general terms, it can be stated that their image did not substantially change with the passing of time, as Thornbury (1860b: 363), for example, observed when he wrote that: "in like manner as the nineteenth century the Turk is one and the same with the Turk of the seventeenth century, so are the Stamboul streets of 1860 much what the Stamboul streets must have been in 1660".
A Summer Ramble in Syria, with a Tartar Trip from Aleppo to Stamboul, London: R.
This approach yields some fertile close readings, especially of lesser-studied volumes like Stamboul Train, The Confidential Agent, and Dr.
Being a member of the Muhafaza-i Asar-i Atika Encumen-i Daimisi (Committee for the Preservation of Historic Works) and appointed as a professor of architectural history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, his book Constantinople, de Byzance a Stamboul, was published in 1909 (Figure 1).
It arrived at the railway terminus at Sirkeci, designed in an Oriental Moorish style by the German architect August dachmund, which was situated between Topkapt Sarayl and the New Mosque, the Yeni Cami, in the heart of ancient Stamboul.
Such is the premise, at least, of the debut historical novel The Oracle of Stamboul (Harper, February), by Michael David Lukas, who has sojourned in Istanbul himself through means more typical of our own time: a Fulbright fellowship.
Emilia Hornby, In and Around Stamboul (Philadelphia: James Challen & Son, n.