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an industrial city in the Donets Basin

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It was a lesson the young Sharansky internalized early on: At age 14, he was the chess champion of Stalino, and his high grades in school earned him a coveted place at the prestigious Moscow Physical Technical Institute, where he went on to study cybernetics and the ways in which computers could be programmed to play chess.
Al sureste de Ucrania, la otrora Stalino, ahora Donetsk, en manos de la minoria ruso ucraniana, se llevaron a cabo protestas para independizarse de Kiev.
Pasak Stephen Lovell, sis i visuomenes samone isirezes reiskinys egzistavo ne tik carineje Rusijoje, bet is esmes isliko ir Stalino valdymo metais.
In January 1930, he began work as Foreign Affairs Adviser to former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, and that summer made his first brief "pilgrimage" to Yuzovka, which was by then renamed Stalino.
These related to the Russian RSFSR (four towns in Smolensk and Kalinin oblasts, Krasnodar, Stavropol' krai, Orel oblast, and Smolensk) and to Soviet Ukraine (Kup"ians'k, Stalino oblast, and Kharkiv).
Mind you, it was known as Stalino between 1924 and 1961.
Idomu tai, kad tokia pati paminklu statymo schema galiojo penkiems is sesiu Rusijos imperijos ir Stalino valdymo laikotarpiu Vilniuje pastatytu paminklu.
The town was renamed Stalino after the Russian revolution in 1917, before growing into modern-day Donetsk, which is the home of European football force Shakhtar Donetsk.
But when Hughesovka came under Soviet rule in 1924 it was renamed Stalino and Hughes' sons, who had taken over their father's business after his death in 1889, fled, leaving their hometown to an uncertain fate.
Stalino valdymo laikotarpiu siu viziju vystymas nutruksta, pradedama vadovautis istorizmo architekturos principais.
Kaip mineta, situacija pasikeite po Stalino mirties, kai architektai galejo siek tiek lengviau atsikvepti.