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a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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Practicing Stalinism combines two layers of argumentation.
McNulty persuasively argues that there was a common core of radicalism growing out of the nineteenth century, which spanned the Independent Labour Party (ILP), through the Fabians to the Liberal Party--and that some members of the CPGB (notably Ivor Montagu) shared these values before Stalinism eclipsed this more pluralistic domestic political culture in the mid-1950s.
John Murphyadded: "It's added: "It's nothing like Stalinism.
His pioneering research and his rigorous historical analysis add much to our understanding of Stalinism and of Soviet history more generally.
All three are streams of 20th-century anti-capitalist thought which tried to grapple with the rise of Stalinism by suggesting that what had emerged in Russia (and China), were societies where the state, as a collective capitalist, exploited the working class.
The European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism (known as the International Black Ribbon Day and under other names in some countries), which is observed on 23 August, was designated by the European Parliament in 2008/2009 as "a Europe-wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.
In this work, Shrayer (Russian, English, and Jewish studies, Boston College) examines Selvinsky's wartime career and poetry in the historical contexts of the Holocaust and the war, as well as the cultural and ideological contexts of postwar Stalinism.
Denying the presence of 'Stalinism' in Russai, Putin said that Stalinism is linked with a cult of personality and massive violations of the law, with repression and camps, which is not the case in Russia, although he said that it does not mean that there should be no order and discipline.
Beyond Totalitarianism: Stalinism and Nazism Compared, edited by Michael Geyer and Sheila Fitzpatrick.
For example, a 1948 cartoon, dedicated to Thanksgiving, shows how Canadians have plenty while there are queues for food in Britain, postwar devastation in Germany, conflicts in China and Palestine, earthquakes in Japan, government instability in France, and Stalinism in Russia.
Yet there have been no legal processes put into place by which the atrocities of Stalinism would be officially recognised and condemned as crimes against humanity.
He describes the eminent historian Eric Hobsbawm as an apologist for Stalinism as if, by so doing, he has destroyed the arguments of both Hobsbawm and Dylan Murphy at a stroke.
Bending the rules to cling onto power by changing the voting system in parliament is classic old style Stalinism and decent Liberal Democrats should be ashamed to even think about it.
Zejak stated his case is "familiar of the history of Stalinism, Fascism and Apartheid and amounts to harassment against my person".
It was a hideous piece of mock Stalinism, which while quite appropriate in the wind-swept context of Centenary Square, was hardly the kind of image that Brum should have been sending out at the turn of the millennium.