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a city in the European part of Russia on the Volga

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Earlier this year we reported how Islamic Yulia serving at Stalin bar State issued a chilling warning to World Cup organisers accompanied by an image of the stadium in Volgograd - formerly Stalingrad, scene of a major battle during the Second World War.
Coventry was twinned with the city in 1944 after it was devastated by heavy bombing during the battle of Stalingrad.
City authorities have decided to revert to the old name of Stalingrad six times a year on important dates linked with the war.
On 2 February, 1943, the Red Army won the decisively battle of Stalingrad, turning back Nazi forces after about six months of fighting.
There is also a chapter considering the fighting on the flanks of the Stalingrad battle and a rather brief, but sound, conclusion.
Goebbels' speech is, undoubtedly, a premier example of the unrivaled significance of the battle of Stalingrad for the entire German war effort.
The tenacious Soviet defense of Stalingrad against a long siege by Nazi armies was one of the bloodiest episodes of the Second World War.
Without doubt if the German divisions had not been defeated and turned round at Stalingrad be absolutely sure this country would have been occupied DAVID JOHNSON, Bensham Road, Gateshead.
According to documents uncovered in the Churchill Archives in Cambridge, Knopf and his sub-agents alerted MI6 to German plans for an invasion of Malta in 1942, relayed Rommel's intentions in North Africa and revealed Hitler's fatal obsession with capturing Stalingrad on the Eastern Front.
The battle of Stalingrad may not have as much written about it as many World War II battles and campaigns on the Western Front or in the Pacific, but there has been a spate of English-language literature on the subject in recent years.
An envelope used by a Red Army man for a letter to his mother in Stalingrad in late 1943 bore, on the left, a drawing of Napoleon's exhausted troops retreating from a burning town.
The German Panzers moved on to the siege of Leningrad, the bloodletting at Stalingrad to end at the battle of Kursk, where the Germans were defeated in the largest tank battle in history.