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Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (1879-1953)

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A 2008 online nationwide poll in Russia --which included over 50 million votes--named Stalin as the third most popular Russian who ever lived.
According to Stegny, at a dinner with various Politburo members, Stalin offered a glass of vodka to Vinogradov and told him to drink.
Each wanted something different from the war: FDR foresaw a strong United Nations that would ensure the postwar peace; Stalin desired nothing more than to crush Germany; and Churchill sought to keep the British Empire intact.
But unlike Joseph Stalin who rose on his own from a local communist to the powerful CPSU supremo and Soviet president, MK stain is being pampered by his dear father and friends.
Historians also face the same problem that his contemporaries did in trying to understand him: Stalin was a consummate dissembler.
So, why is Stalin seen as relatively more acceptable than Hitler?
Stalin and Cromwell were both revolutionaries, both regicides and both considered themselves to be the servants of cruel historical necessity.
As it was reported on Tuesday, July 30, the most famous monument to Stalin, which had been dismantled in the central square
Ese dia aparecieron enormes fotos de Stalin en los autobuses de la ciudad.
According to the police, a motley crowd gathered in front of her house around noon and shouted slogans reviling her and praising Stalin.
Summary: Alagiri is reportedly upset after his father Karunanidhi tipped his younger brother Stalin to take over the party affairs after him.
Summary: TBILISI, June 27, 2010, SPA -- Authorities in Georgia on Sunday tore down another monument to Soviet dictator and native son Josef Stalin, AP reported.
Textbooks in Putin's Russia then already described Stalin as an "efficient manager.
The grandson of Joseph Stalin has brought a court case against Russia's liberal newspaper Novaya Gazeta, claiming it defamed the Soviet dictator.
The three were the most powerful leaders in the world--Franklin Roosevelt Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill--and they met at Yalta on the Black Sea during the closing months of World War II to decide the fate of the world especially Germany and the country which had suffered the most during Hitler's mad gambit at global domination Poland.